Meet Nathan Fielder, the Smart Comic Behind Dumb Starbucks

Video via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Name Nathan Fielder

Age 30? 31? He’s from Canada, so who knows how they do math(s) there.

Day job Star of Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, where Fielder “helps” small businesses realize their full potential. It’s a sort-of Borat Make American Dream!

Fake day job Founder of Dumb Starbucks, a Los Angeles parody coffee shop open for roughly three days before the health board shut it down, serving Dumb Vanilla Lattes and Dumb Grande Caramel Macchiatos that tasted like a mix of hot water and whatever beans the local grocery store Ralphs had on sale.

Future of fake day job As long as Starbucks doesn’t sue for copyright infringement and Fielder doesn’t land in jail for six months (courtesy of the health board), Dumb Starbucks is coming to a corner in Brooklyn near you.


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