Viral Video Recap: The Best of Jimmy Fallon’s First Week on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, which he officially inherited February 17, is looking a whole lot like Late Show with Jimmy Fallon — lots of singing and dancing, #hashtag conversations and comedy sketches with buddies from his SNL days. Even the First Lady made an  appearance. It’s what we expected: Fallon does fun time well. The 39-year-old brings a lot of playfulness (and talent) to the late-night timeslot, like a goody goody teen who’s finally cutting loose…on Red Bull and vodkas.

Check out the best of Fallon’s high-spirited first week. Honorable mentions go to Ragtime Girls’ Ignition (Remix) and NBC news anchor Brian Williams performing “Rapper’s Delight.”

Feb 17: The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing (with Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon). “Making It Rain” followed by “Picking Up the Money Because That’s All You Had.”

Feb 18: Jimmy Interviews Harry Styles. Oh, I’m British?

Feb 19: Hashtag #2 with Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill.
With cameos by Martin Scorsese and Questlove. #famous

Feb 20: Will Ferrell Figure Skates to the Downton Abbey Theme. Without the skates. Or the ice.

Feb 21: History of Rap 5 with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Twenty-three songs in five minutes.


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