Lit Links: Cheaper E-Books, Amtrak’s Writers’ Residency, “Generation Wuss”

Can the Great American Novel Survive?
In the UK’s Prospect magazine Elaine Showalter talks about the tenuous future of the Great American Novel and what that says about “novels as carriers or definers of cultural nationality.”

All (Writers) Aboard!
Amtrak plans to let writers ride for free from NYC to Chicago as a test run of their on-train writers’ residency program. Now the big question: Does Tweeting count as writing?

Are Cheaper E-Books on the Way?
New digital services Scribd and Oyster look to lower the price of being an e-bookworm.

“Generation Wuss”
Bret Easton Ellis tells Vice why the “Internet generation” is a bunch of babies.

Call Me Ishmael
Pop Chart Labs diagrams the opening sentences of famous novels such as Moby-Dick, The Great Gatsby, and Lolita. In diagram form, Don Quixote actually out-crazies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Check back each Friday for new Lit Links, a roundup of some of the best literature news from across the interweb.


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