Recap: Oscars by the Numbers

4 The number of hours the award show ran. That’s a lot of pats on the back and not nearly enough George Clooney. (Seriously, where was he?)

4 hours, 23 minutes The longest-ever Academy Awards, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg in 2002. So…it could be worse.

7 The number of awards Gravity — the night’s big winner — took home, including best director for Alfonso Cuarón, cinematography, and pretty much anything with “effects” or “sound” in the title.

12 Years a Slave, now the best picture of 2013.

1 The number of people in my Oscar pool surprised to see that The King of Cool was not the director of 12 Years a Slave.

3 The number of actors who gleefully took home a golden statue for the first time: Lupita Nyong’o (best supporting actress in her big-screen debut), Jared Leto (best supporting actor) and Matthew McConaughey (best actor).

5 The number of ways John Travolta got Broadway superstar Idina Menzel’s name wrong when he introduced her performance of “Let It Go.” Adele Dazim?

5,206 The number of followers Adele Dazim now has on Twitter.

9 The number of seconds the Academy paid tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Way too long The amount of time the Academy paid tribute to The Wizard of Oz, celebrating that all-important 75th anniversary.

3 Number of pizzas host Ellen DeGeneres ordered for the audience.

$1,000 Roughly the amount celebrities threw in for three pizzas.

2 The number of slices Meryl Streep took because, as @mpventura would say, “HELL YEAH MERYL STREEP TAKES TWO SLICES.”

40 million? The number of people rooting for a very pregnant Kerry Washington to get two slices of pizza.

2.6 million and counting The number of retweets of Ellen’s celebrity-studded selfie (pictured), a new Twitter retweet record.

2 The number of words Sidney Poitier likely wouldn’t use in a sentence (retweet, selfie).

Find the full list of Oscar winners at

Image: Courtesy Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter.


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