Viral Video Recap: House of Thrones, Louis CK Hosts ‘SNL’

House of Thrones. The best thing about this parody mashup of Game of Thrones and House of Cards? The guy playing Frank Underwood does a better Kevin Spacey than Spacey. Close your eyes when he says, “Why have one little old presidency when you can have seven entire kingdoms?” and you’ll fear for Westeros. (Brought to you by Toasty TV, the entertainment/video arm of…Quiznos. Because toasted sandwiches and comedy go hand in hand.)

Louis CK Hosts Saturday Night Live. Even a nine-minute monologue by the nation’s biggest comedian couldn’t save SNL from its new-cast growing pains. And Louis CK didn’t leave anything out of that opening set: God, female empowerment, the history of the “wife beater” tank top.

Lost in 30 Seconds. At Payley Fest, Entertainment Weekly asked Lost cast members to try to explain the meaning of the TV show in 30 seconds. It involved yelling. And Walt’s all grown up! Watch it here.


One thought on “Viral Video Recap: House of Thrones, Louis CK Hosts ‘SNL’”

  1. The actor in House of Thrones is so spot on! Could he possibly be a baby Spacey?! Agreed about SNL – although Dykes & Fats is my new favorite cop show.

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