Lit Links: Faulkner in Hollywood, Jargon Wars, Breaking Bad Memoir

William Faulkner’s Hollywood Odyssey
What happens when the greatest Southern writer tries to make it in Tinseltown? Movies stars, true love, and a lot of bourbon.

Mark Twain and the American Voice
How does a nation find its voice? When did American novels become American, and not just imitations of British ones?  This excellent article in The New Yorker looks at how America learned to hear itself talk (spoiler: Mark Twain taught us).

Are We Losing the War Against Jargon?
OMG. IMHO this is SRSLY NP. FWIW the Telegraph RBTL.
(ed. note: I am so old and uncool that just typing those abbreviations exhausted me.)

Flash Fiction Fridays
“Celery green sage green celedon. Ceylon. Iced tea sweet tea cubed coned shaved syrup. Sno-cone. Home.” This week’s installment of Tin House‘s flash fiction feature (under 1,000 words) is a real gem from Caitlin Corrigan.

The One Who Knocks: A Memoir
Bryan Cranston lands a book deal to write a memoir about his time on Breaking Bad. We’re huge BB fans but is this really necessary? Perhaps it’s time to let Walter White rest in peace.

Check back each Friday for new Lit Links, a roundup of some of the best literature news from across the interweb.


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